IcePets is a free-to-play virtual pet site.

IcePets was established in 2009 by Michael Cullen and Joseph Roethig.  Located at, the site was originally only a small announcement and a forum link. Steadily, the site has expanded its content to include a variety of features and a diverse selection of pets. In addition, IcePets has arranged a multitude of events to bolster the community spirit of its player base.

IcePets features and pets encompass the fundamentals to the more innovative aspects of a virtual pet site. The core features cover the following areas: pet interaction (e.g. feeding, playing, changing color), social interaction (e.g. forums, messaging system, profile comments), economic activity (e.g. currency, items, shops), and gaming (e.g. Flash games, quests, collections). Pets are available in varying species and can be changed to solid colors (e.g. red, blue) to more exotic choices (e.g. 60s, cubed).

IcePets events differ in nature and scope. Generally, they are in the form of contests. Past examples include creating a video commercial for IcePets, submitting colored artwork, and suggesting a name for the IcePets world. There are events that occur during particular times of the year in alignment to a real-life event. Examples include hunting during Easter time, trick-or-treating during Halloween, and collecting items during Advent.

The present day site is a virtual world designed to provide hours of entertainment all year long.

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