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Each Halloween Snow Jar is hand painted to match our current Halloween Snow Jar onsite.

It is filled with a spiced apple scented wax and doubles as a decorative candle*.

The Snow Jar candle stands at about 4 inches tall, and is about 3 inches wide. See the final picture that includes a quarter for general size comparison.

Attached to each Snow Jar candle is an IcePets tag and a small styrofoam ball to mimic the tiny jack-o-lantern on the original Snow Jar.

On the bottom of the Snow Jar candle, you will find a sticker certifying it as a genuine Snow Jar candle. Printed on the sticker is the following:

"Halloween Snow Jar Limited Edition - 2013 ___ of 20 Copyright"

Each sticker will have a number written on it labeling which of the original 20 Snow Jar candles you received. Remember, we're only releasing 20 of the original 2013 edition!