Book is an item category on IcePets.  They can be bought in game shops and player shops. They are used to build a collection.

Book items Edit

Revamps Edit

2016-05-16 Time to Read!

news of a revamp

2015-11-28 Revamped Books + Stock Change

news of a revamp

Item Name Before After
Birthday Book Birthday Book Before 2016 revamp Birthday Book
Book of Secrets Book of Secrets Before 2016 revamp Book of Secrets
Digging Handbook Digging Handbook Before 2015 revamp Digging Handbook
Emo Book Emo Book Before 2016 revamp Emo Book
English Textbook English Textbook Before 2015 revamp English Textbook
Frozen Book Frozen Book Before 2015 revamp Frozen Book
Hungry Book Hungry Book Before 2015 revamp Hungry Book
Tales From the Graveyard Tales From the Graveyard Before 2015 revamp Tales From the Graveyard
The Malignant Weed The Malignant Weed Before 2016 revamp The Malignant Weed

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